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How to open and use an earthday money mobile account.

2012.05.06 UP

It's an online account management system for mobile and smart phones so you can spend, receive and transfer the Earthdaymoney currency called ‘r’.

The main benefits include:

- An alternative and convenient way of paying and receiving 'r' other than carrying the paper money in your wallet.

- The minimum amount that you can trade is from 1r, so it’s possible to trade with any amount you want and pay any amount into other accounts.

- Options to send feedback comments about the projects you may have been involved with and also the shops which you’ve bought services from.

- A magazine sent out occasionally to subscribers which includes the latest news of events and volunteer activities.

- Easy account management with records of your transaction history.

We upgrade and improve the Earthdaymoney mobile account system. We hope you will enjoy using our service.

Step 1 - Opening your ‘mobile account’

Opening a mobile account only takes a few minutes.

[1] Send an email with no message to ‘’, or if your have a mobile with a camera, just read the QR code on the right. (We recommend using mobile email,an error may occur with Gmail)

[2] Soon after you will receive an email. Open the email and click on the link, complete the online form and your account is registered.

Step 2 - How to save 'r'

Start earning ‘r’ by volunteering with a registered project where you can receive a mobile pass.

The mobile pass has a pass code and a value printed on it. Simply enter the pass code in the account page and then the value of 'r' to add the money into your account.

Get involved in an Earthday project and start saving 'r' in your mobile account.

How to save 'r'

[1] Once you receive a mobile pass, login to your account and choose ‘Save r - mobile pass’.

[2] Enter the pass code with any other required information and click ok, the 'r' will then be paid into your account.

*What to do if the project you volunteered with had no mobile passes

If you volunteered for a project and no mobile passes were available at the time for any reason, please tell a staff member about this and provide them with your mobile account number. You will then later receive the ‘r’ as a payment into your account and receive information about the payment by email.

Step 3 - Using 'r' at a shop

To spend 'r' at a shop, access your mobile account and go to the page of the shop. Input the amount of 'r' that you want to spend and click the enter button, then show the page after to the shop staff. Send feedback by using star ratings and a comment form as well if you like.

How to spend 'r'

[1] Login to the account and choose ‘USE r -shops’.

[2] Then choose the shop and enter the amount of 'r' that you want to spend.

[3] Show the page after to a shop staff member to receive a discount or service that the shop has on offer.